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Trigger Warning Short Film Collection: Boston Underground Film Festival 2024

This midnight movie short film collection from last year's BUFF was excellent, with a bunch of weird and off-the-wall shorts that were highly entertaining.

Dream Creep

Dir. Carlos A. F. Lopez

Brutally intense and intensely disturbing for anyone who has something-in-your-ear-phobia (whatever the fuck that's called), Dream Creep is cringe-inducingly scary, incredibly bizarre, and with more than a little resemblance to the last two Evil Dead flicks, a whole lot of fun. Definitely recommend checking this one out, it's well worth a look.

The Möbius Trip

Dir. Simone Smith

An acid-tinged road trip through Hell, The Möbius Trip is a bizarre and disconcerting short that is a little on the longer side, but it certainly makes every minute count. Nightmarish visuals, off-kilter pacing, and just altogether extremely weird, this is one that shouldn't be missed for fans of experimental and avant garde horror. It's difficult to say whether or not I actually liked it, but it's definitely one I won't forget.

Night Feeding

Dir. Sarah K. Reimers

Sleep deprivation and early motherhood go hand in hand, as explored in director Sarah K. Reimer's succinct and impactful short Night Feeding. It's short, to the point, and near perfectly manages to get its message across in just a six minute runtime. It does have a bit of a letdown with a visual effect that is entirely too digital, but other than that it's a pretty solid short.


Dir. Ashley George

Intense from beginning to end, Volition feels like the absolute best scene snatched out of a feature film and put on-screen. It's the culmination of a longer story, a revenge fantasy that is both unexpected and nearly perfect. It doesn't feel like a short, and it leaves the audience wanting more in a fantastic way. It's a stand-up-and-cheer story, and it's handled flawlessly. Loved this one.


Dir. Jano Pita

Apotemnofilia is disgusting and cringe-inducing, daring you to look away and rewarding your continued attention with some well-deserved and phenomenally-done gore. The most extreme short so far, a terrifying and intense depiction of mental illness... or maybe not. Highly recommend checking this one out if you get the chance, but not for the faint of heart. This one is pretty damn gnarly.

Robbie Ain't Right No More

Dir. Kyle Perritt

The damages done to a person while serving their country is incalculable, and it goes a lot more than skin deep. There are a lot of folks that "ain't right no more," and this short explores these traumas in a way that is both horrific and entirely satisfying. A physical depiction of a very real, and very disturbing, reality.


Dir. Anders Elsrud Hultgreen

Artistic cinematography and a claustrophobic and witchy feel highlight this short about a city water inspector who is trying to discern the source of the disease that is infecting the population. It feels particularly relevant after the last several years, which perhaps makes it a bit more appealing than it otherwise would be. It feels a bit like a slightly less avant garde Begotten, which unfortunately isn't a compliment, but it's not bad either. Bizarre film, but well done for what it is. Waxes a bit too philosophic for me.

Sugar Rag

Dir. Jai Love

The closing short of the Trigger Warning collection is an exceptionally unsettling film about what it feels like when your family introduces a new baby, Sugar Rag gives you the icks and is relatively hilarious throughout. It's been a while since I've seen a short that does such a great job of feeling "off," and this one most certainly does. From the moment you're introduced to the baby, things feel like they're just waiting to go off the rails. And boy, do they. Definitely worth checking out for fans of surrealist, slightly humorous horror.

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