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Meghan Adara Interview (Actress, The Cellar)

The Horror Revolution: First off, what’s your favorite horror movie? What movie scared you the most?

Meghan Adara: My favourite horror is also the one that scared me the most, Stephen King’s IT. It’s nostalgic to me being one of the first horror films I saw at the cinema. I had never before, or since been so terrified by film. I was already on edge before seeing the film as I’ve been scared of clowns since being chased by one as a toddler.  For a very long time after seeing the film, I would go to bed panicking that IT would be there when I woke up. Even to this day I get startled if I catch a glimpse of the poster.

THR: The Cellar sounds fascinating, a mix of sci-fi/horror with some cool cult stuff thrown in. What drew you to the project?

MA: I was drawn to the project by the interesting amalgamation of concepts, intertwining elements in a way I haven’t seen before. I was also interested in challenging myself by working on a Sci-Fi project, before this I had only worked on one other. I am always excited to get out of my comfort zone by taking part in projects that will broaden my skill set. Also having previously worked with Jamie, along with many of the cast and crew. I knew everyday on set was going to be such a great experience, surrounded by talented people having fun.


THR: How is the production going so far? How far into the filming process are you guys?

MA: Production is going really well, it has been an amazing experience getting to work with everyone involved in the film and the opportunity to work with some familiar faces again. We have filmed the majority of the key scenes within the film so only have a few more scenes left to shoot. At the point of writing this we have filmed 5 days out of 9, so haven’t got many shoot days left to go until the film will be completed, which is sad but at the same time very exciting. 

THR: What made you want to be an actress? Were there any particular films or roles that made you know that’s what you wanted to do with your life?

MA: Acting was something that I have always had a great interest in and had a lot of fun doing but never thought that I would end up pursuing it as a career. When I was younger, I was at my friends house one day and they invited me to attend their Theatre Group for a trial session. Being extremely shy and very anxious when I was a child I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy it and at first didn’t want to go. After a bit of persuading I eventually went along with them and ended up enjoying it so much that I became a member and attended weekly. From attending that Theatre Group alone it encouraged me to attend other Theatre Workshops/Groups and influenecd me to take it as one of G.C.S.E options. If it wasn’t for going to that Theatre Group I don’t think I would be pursuing Acting as a career now. 

My favourite Actresses would have to be Suranne Jones and Jodie Comer. I remember watching Suranne Jones in Doctor Foster and Jodie Comer in Thirteen and was just in awe of their performances and completely immersed. I remember after watching both these shows, thinking to myself this is what I want to do as a career and it gave me the confidence I needed to do so. When watching TV Shows or Films I always analyse the performances in order to keep developing as an Actress, especially when watching Suranne Jones and Jodie Comer. I would say that watching them when I was younger, just starting out in this industry, that they both really inspired me to pursue my Acting Career in a professional manner and have really influenced the way in which I prepare for my roles in order to reach the depth and naturalism that they bring to their performances. I always aspire to reach that level of naturalism and depth to enable me to completely immerse myself within the story and characters development. 

THR: Is horror your favorite genre to work in? Are there any other genres that you’d be interested in exploring?

MA: Horror has always been one of my favourite genres to work in as well as Dramas and Thrillers as I find them really fun to do and love the challenges they bring. I tend to connect and relate more to horror and drama projects moreover comedy, as I have a better connection with the story and characters within these genres. My love for horror and drama stemmed from watching these particular genres while growing up, which in turn has had a massive influence on the projects that I work on. 

As much as I enjoy horror and drama, I would love to broaden my acting abilities by branching out into comedy. So far in my career, I have had few opportunities to work on comedies. This is why I am very excited for my upcoming drama/comedy project. This project is the perfect way for me to immerse myself into the genre. It will allow me to challenge myself and improve my abilities, while keeping a familiarity to my acting flow. New challenges and expectations can be daunting, so being able to dip my toes into the comedy scene with drama intertwined has helped remove my hesitation. So I can not wait for filming to begin. 

THR: What has been your favorite part of filming The Cellar so far?

MA: Without a doubt my favourite part of filming The Cellar has to be working with everyone. The day we filmed the final scene, the atmosphere was amazing. It was the only time that the whole cast was on set together. It was so much fun to be in this stunning building, doing what I love. Surrounded by a bunch of talented people, who are just as passionate about their roles as I am mine. There were many familiar faces that day from past projects, and it is so great getting to work with them again. Discussing projects they have been doing since we saw each other last. Also getting to meet many new great people. Along with performing, my favourite part of my career is getting to work alongside passionate people. 

THR: Indie film, and especially indie horror, brings its own set of challenges that the larger studios don’t have to deal with. What sort of challenges have you faced in filming the lead role in The Cellar?

MA: As an actress I face fewer challenges compared to the crew, as I do not need expensive equipment to perform. However, that’s not to say that monetary constraints haven't challenged my abilities. Although I have been mostly unaffected by budget, the most noteworthy challenge I have faced is working alongside other actors. Unless it is mandatory for another actor to be on screen at the same time as myself, they often are not on set at all. This has meant for a lot of scenes I will be completely alone. Due to this I have learnt many of the other characters' lines, so that I can say them in my head before performing my own. This can be disruptive to my flow but so far it has been working well. 

THR: The Cellar is on Indiegogo right now trying to raise money to help finish the film. Why should people support the film? What makes it stand out from other projects?

MA: It’s an original idea that I don’t think I’ve seen in any other horror film and has a lot of different elements. It’s about religion, science, cults, mental health, addiction. All these elements make it something quite different to what is already out there, and we don’t want to cut corners. At the moment this film has a high spec and we want to make sure we have enough funding to keep the remaining scenes that way. These days you don’t need a lot of money to make a good horror film that’s well polished. You just need a talented team of passionate people and I truly believe we have that. I truly feel people would be investing in something that has a lot of potential and could feel part of something great. 

THR: If you could work with anyone in the industry, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

MA: It would be between either Jodie Comer or Suranne Jones. Growing up watching them was one of the inspirations that drew me towards pursuing acting. I would love the opportunity to work alongside them. Preparation methods they have discussed publicly, I have incorporated into my own processes.

THR: Finally, what’s your favorite really stupid joke?

MA: I don’t have a favourite joke, however, I do have a really cheesy and terrible pick-up line that I heard when I was in secondary school and have never forgotten. 

“If you were a McDonald’s burger… You’d be a McGorgeous”

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