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Teddy Told Me To

Dir. Tom Devlin (2022)

After discovering their newly purchased haunted attraction has a bloody history, Danny and Zoe work together to try to bring it back from the dead. Unfortunately, the attraction may not be the only thing looking to make a comeback.


There have been several big-time horror movies based around the concept of haunted attractions recently, which makes sense because they’re so popular with fans throughout the community. However, compared to how popular they are, it’s surprising that there aren’t more. Thankfully, director Tom Devlin, a special effects mastermind with a list of credits as long as both arms put together, decided to add another to the relatively limited genre, crafting a bloody and good-humored romp filled with a stable of actors known the horror-world over: Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), C.J. Graham (Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives), Lisa Wilcox (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master), and Drew Marvick (Pool Party Massacre) are just some of the faces you’ll recognize throughout the film. Using these familiar faces along with dozens of new, impressive talents, Devlin creates a wildly entertaining (and hilarious) flick that indie horror fans are going to die for.

To say that indie horror comedies are hit or miss is putting it lightly. So much of the humor in these types of movies falls flat or goes way more lowbrow than the tone of the rest of the film, and it’s often hard to coalesce with the intent behind the film. However, this is where Teddy Told Me To really shines. The humor is very intelligently done, taking a slightly slapstick tone at times but digging deep for some truly hilarious dialogue and ingenious referential segments. It’s meta in all the best ways, and while it’ll never be mistaken for a genre classic, it certainly gets its hooks into those films when need be. Tied together with some truly outstanding gore that highlights its directors strong suits, Teddy Told Me To is a film that fits such a wide portion of the horror fanbase that it’s bound to gain a legion of fans as it shows across the country.

The gore in the film is pitch-perfect for what the film is trying to accomplish: it’s not overtly disgusting, and it’s not done for shock value in a way that makes the movie feel dirty or too over-the-top. This is a movie that you can show your teenagers, not one that you have to view in a dirty basement in Germany to enjoy the ambience. Yet, it’s also really good gore, and there are some fantastically gnarly kills, including one overly-extended head bashing that is wonderfully done. Devlin knows what he’s doing, and his company 1313FX should be a mainstream name after this one. They do a phenomenal job of balancing the carnage with the camp, making this one of the better indie gorefests I’ve come across.

Topher Hansson and Kamarra Cole are excellent as leads Danny and Zoe, the young friends who decide to renovate the historically-violent haunt, and the entire cast kills it in their wide variety of roles. The violence is hot and heavy, but the film also captures the pure joy of scaring other people and taking part in the process of creating fear. There’s a reason why these attractions draw millions of fans every year, and Teddy Told Me To commandeers that spirit of excitement in an easily digestible package. It’s a super fun movie, and it’s definitely one that deserves the following it’s almost sure to receive once it gets distribution and a wide release. Thankfully, the door is wide open for a sequel, so hopefully we haven’t seen Teddy’s last rampage.

Who this movie is for: Horror comedy lovers, Indie horror fans,

Bottom line: One of the better indie horrors I’ve seen recently, Teddy Told Me To puts director/SFX master Tom Devlin’s expertise to good use. The acting is perfect for the roles, the comedy hits on almost all points, and the gruesome kills are outstandingly effective. Devlin is a brand new director but he puts this film together like he’s been doing it for decades, a delightfully brutal romp that’s also genuinely funny. Could not be more happy with everything this film is, and I highly recommend checking it out if it hits your city in limited release. If not, wait for it on streaming: it’s well worth the wait

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