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Misconception: Indie Film

Dir. Richard Rowntree (2020)

A couple communicate via text, and one of them accidentally discovers a horrifying secret about the other.


My third film by Richard Rowntree takes aim at creating a short film about a couple who discover that texting isn’t always the most efficient means of communication. After discovering she’s pregnant, a woman texts her husband to make sure he’s going to be home on time to share the news with him. Of course, as we have come to see from Mr. Rowntree’s other works, things are not quite as they seem. It is an absolutely stellar short film, and it isn’t even slightly what I expected before I watched it. Incredibly well made, shocking, and with a brutal twist, it’s definitely an intriguing concept that I would have loved to have another five minutes or so to expound upon the ending. It’s well worth a watch and one of the better-made short films that I’ve ever come across, something very akin to a Drew Daywalt short. Rowntree is quickly moving up in the ranks of people that I want to see much more from.

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