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Devanny Pinn (Actor, Death Count)

The Horror Revolution: First off, what’s your favorite horror movie? What movie scared you the most?

Devanny Pinn: My favorite horror film is 1408! Its a unique, perfectly crafted story that's brilliantly told and provides chills that stay with you long after viewing. Its unsettling in the very best way, in my opinion. What movie scares me the most? Well at age 2 it was Disney's Snow White- that Queen was terrifying! As a kid it was Jurassic Park, I had nightmares about getting eaten by a T-rex for years :) And as a young adult I was disturbed by Martyrs, Hostel and Sinister. These days I welcome something more frightening then the daily news lol I always felt like the scariest things are what's really happening in the world.

THR: I just got a chance to watch Death Count and thoroughly enjoyed it. Tell me a little about your experience making the film.

DP: Torture porn is a favorite subgenre of mine, so when I heard about this film being developed i knew I had to get up in there! :) During the initial Covid wave, a lot of content creators were looking for ways to tell stories without risk of exposure to themselves or others. The majority of the material being made was being shot remotely, but the Death Count filmmakers came up with this really smart and creative way to make a feature that was contained, while still telling a complete story. It was a challenge as an actor to film an entire movie in a room alone interacting with people that aren't actually there. You really had to rely heavily on your crew to get the emotional beats of each scene correctly. Fortunately, the Death Count team is very talented individuals and the film came together really well. I'm thrilled I got to be part of it. THR: You’ve dipped your toes in quite a few areas of film, and you’ve got credits for writing and directing along with your impressive acting filmography. What role do you like the best?

DP: I am definitely an actor, but I think its very important to understand all the pieces of the filmmaking process. So I have done most jobs behind the camera at least once as well, from development all the way to distribution. Understanding everyone's role in making the film product has allowed be to be a stronger performer and obviously appreciate the work put in by our team. Along the way I have found a love for producing as well. Being able to build the world that you as an actor then exist in, has been a lot of fun for me to explore. THR: Death Count was surprisingly brutal, and I thought the effects were quite impressive. How has your experience been in working with these types of makeup and special effects?

DP: I love Special FX, gags and stunts, it's part of the reason I love working in the genre so much! Helping to 'sell' a gag with FX is physical acting that often you don't get to take advantage of in something like drama or comedy. In fact that's often how I agree to participate in a film, if the director tells me there's a badass death or a lot of FX associated with a character I have a hard time saying no lol more gore = more fun. THR: You’ve actually worked with a ton of legends in the horror genre. Who is your favorite actor you’ve worked with?

DP: Oh you're going to get me in trouble! lol Yes, I have had the privilege of working with a lot icons. Probably standouts for me were the late Sid Haig, who shared stories, faith and advice in the industry that spanned decades of his incredible career. He also looked out for me while i was a regular in the convention circuit for many years, he's sorely missed. The other being the incredible Ms. Vivica A. Fox who was the first 'celebrity' to give me a chance as a producer and an incredible example of dedication, professionalism and class. She went above and beyond for her character, the production and demonstrated star power that I had only seen on the big screen and never in person until then. She really inspired me. THR: If you could star in any horror movie, which one would you choose and why?

DP: I'd tell you but then I would have to kill you ;) I am actually hopeful that a few of my wishlist items may actually happen so I'm going to keep me mouth shut and fingers crossed until then. THR: Do you have a favorite film that you’ve been involved with?

DP: I love most of the productions I have been involved with! Probably the most special to me is House of Manson- its my baby. It's the story i wanted to tell for years and despite a modest budget I feel that we were very successful in its creation and impact. I hope to tell more true crime stories from a different perspective, just like we did with that. THR: Death Count has a lot of great actors involved, including Michael Madsen. When you film a movie like this, where none of the actors are actually in the same room with each other, are you involved with the other actors in the film or are you on your own island?

DP: Yes, as I touched on earlier we were all alone on that island! I actually enjoyed it because a a lot of horror is formulaic so I start to get pretty cozy after a while, and something like Death Count shakes up that formula and forces me to stay on my toes and challenge me as an actress. THR: What inspires you as an actress, and what inspired you to be an actress?

DP: As an actress what inspires me is people. People who are heroes, villains and people who are on their journey to become them. I think human behavior, psychology and the lives we lead are fascinating and acting is my medium in which to explore and showcase it. THR: Is horror your favorite genre in general? Are there other genres you’d like to or rather work in?

DP: To work in: horror is hands down my favorite. I know a lot of people start here and then move on to "better stuff", but I think that's crap. Horror is the best and most fun place to be- no limitations, unlimited possibilities and a loyal fanbase ready to receive and celebrate the art. I veer off slightly into sci-fi, action and thrillers, but ultimately i stay in the darkness. Mwahaha THR: What’s next for you? Do you have any roles you’re excited about coming up soon?

DP: I'm filming a really fun cameo in a slasher right now with an incredible cast and crew including Bonnie Aarons (The Nun/ Conjuring series). I also have a survival thriller called FROST that comes out alongside a vinyl soundtrack through Cleopatra Entertainment in October. I'm in talks for several really cool projects for 2023 that I am excited to share soon- keep up with my fabulously weird adventures on social media!

THR: Finally, have you ever found an image of a Biblical figure on a piece of toast? And if you did, would you sell it or donate it to a museum?

DP: I have not (yet) found biblical figures on my toast. I am actually very religious and God interacts with and directs my life in 'unusual' ways, so this actually sounds exactly like something that would happen to me. :) To be honest, I'd probably eat it. I was brought up that bread is representative of the body of Christ and that you eat it... I'm a big softy for God... and carbs.

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