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Brad Potts (Actor, Zombies vs. Strippers)

The Horror Revolution: The question I always ask first: What's your favorite scary movie? What movie scared you the most?

Brad Potts: My favorite horror movie is The Ring. I should say obsession. I was so fascinated, I watched all of the original Japanese episodes. Still not satisfied, I read the book. Samara coming out of the well turned me on it was so scary. The scariest movie, I ever saw (although possibly because I was a teenager at the time) was Deliverance. I sill avoid banjos at all costs to this day.

THR: You've been in quite a few films. What's your favorite of your roles so far?

BP: My favorite role was probably Red Wings, from Zombies V. Strippers. Although, I play General Trajan in the amazing, upcoming SciFi, Winter's Dream.

THR: What's coming up for you? Any projects you're currently working on you're allowed to talk about?

BP: As mentioned above, Winter's Dream will be coming out in November. Currently I am involved in a web series called 'Fight or Die' where I star, opposite Nick McDonald, as the boss of an underground MMA club. Recently, I did a cameo, as a General of course, in a promo for Zombies V. Plants, which I can't really talk about at the moment. And I'll be appearing, or I guess I should say ahearing, as the voice of Sgt. Mackey in the 8th episode of 'The House That Evil Built' (THTEB), a new show on YouTube Red.

THR: You were in Puppet Master X. What's it like to be part of a beloved franchise with so many sequels?

BP: It was kinda like being at the zoo. I'd worked with Full Moon before, but never with puppets. Overall, it was pretty cool.

THR: What advice would you give to up-and-coming actors who want to break into the industry?

BP: Social media, social Media, social media. As I mentioned above, I did a guest star on THTEB, a new reality show on YouTube Red. The stars were all YouTube celebrities, who have millions of followers. The producers figured, if they start out with 10 celeb's, all of whom have at least 2.5M viewers, they'd get 250 million views just to start. But, that's just one example. I hear stories like this allday long.

THR: You started acting when you were younger, but only got seriously into it later in life. What drew you back to acting?

BP: What drew me back to acting was the ol' mid-life crisis and resolution. I was 40 years old, recently divorced and working 100 hours a week at my gym business, when I realized that life's too short to waste time on anything that isn't your joie de vivre.

THR: You were in the USMC and an avid participant in sports. Do you find these experiences helped with your acting abilities?

BP: Obviously the military helps tremendously with all of the military roles I play. The athletics seems to help with focus and intensity, which, for film, is crucial.

THR: You're a commercial actor as well as a film actor. What's your favorite of the two and why?

BP: Ask any actor, they'll tell ya the same. Film & TV are much more preferable. But, I'm blessed that I'm very commercially marketable. Independent film roles are great, but generally don't pay a whole lot. Commercials, on the other hand, do. Therefore, I do all the commercials I can to pay the bills.

THR: Anything else you want to add? I watched your demo reels on Youtube, good stuff!

BP: As previously mentioned, I'm starring in a web series, called 'Fight or Die.' We're just finishing up, so it should be out soon. Look out for 'Winter's Dream', releasing in November. Otherwise, follow me on Twitter @madbradpotts. And check me out on IMDb at

THR: Awesome Brad, thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I'll definitely be pointing people your way!

BP: Thanks, take care!

Yeah, so Brad was awesome. Check him out on Twitter @madbradpotts, and you can see some of his stuff on his YouTube channel.

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