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Dir. Andres Borghi (2013)

A man whose ex-girlfriend recently committed suicide stalks her Facebook profile. He invites another woman to come to his apartment and finds out shortly thereafter that his ex might not be over him.


I love YouTube. I love that I can go on there and see stuff like this, free of charge, any time that I want. It certainly makes jobs like mine a hell of a lot easier.

Alexia is a short film about a man who watches his ex-girlfriend's Facebook, wracked with guilt over her recent suicide. He broke up with her shortly before she killed herself, and clearly feels that he shares in the blame. He has a lady friend who is trying to make him feel better, and also obviously has a thing for him. He invites her over, and we quickly learn that his ex might not be quite as gone as he thought.

Overall, a very well done short with some great scares. I got a really uneasy feeling while watching, which is nice for something so short. Great use of sound as well, loud in all the right places, and the silence that just makes you feel something's going to jump out of your screen. The tension is built throughout, and honestly, my only criticism is the payoff. It's scary-looking, for sure, and it's something that I certainly wouldn't want to see in my room at night. That being said, it comes off as a little cheap to me. This is one where seeing a little less would've made it scarier, in my opinion. The conceptualization of what was happening was scarier than seeing the "ghost" itself.

Who this movie is for: Youtube short lovers, Indie film fans, Facebook grandmas

​Bottom Line: Well built creeper with good bones, there's very little separating this flick from being top notch. I would've cut about five seconds from the ending, and I think it could've been a much better short. All in all, for free? You can't do a whole let better than that.

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