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This Violent World

Dir. Antonio Climati (1976)

A mondo film from 1976, This Violent World gives the viewer an inside look at violent traditions and practices from around the world.

Mondo films have a long history, filled with bizarre footage and social commentary. This Violent World carries on that “proud” tradition, contrasting the violence in the natural world with the violence committed by mankind. We are shown footage of an alligator being pulled from the sewers of New York City, directly before being shown a scene about trafficked native children in the jungles of South America. The film, as with most of those like it, has a point to a certain extent. There are definitely horrible things that men do to each other.

The news is filled with brutal stories about the horrible things that happen to those who live in the inner cities, and stories about abuse, neglect, and murder fill our screens on channels like Investigative Discovery (ID, for those who are forced to watch it at every waking moment by our significant others). However, mondo films also share something else with the stories our nightly news shows choose to cover. If you guessed flaming racism, you are sadly correct!

Let me preface what I’m about to say with a bit of a disclaimer: I generally don’t buy into race baiting politics, nor do I tend to believe or take for the truth the stories of racism and sexism that pervade our current climate. I don’t put too much stock in the wage/gender gap, and I don’t think that our justice system and government is still the inherently racist system that it used to be. I don’t lie to myself and claim that there is no longer racism or misogyny (as, quite frankly, that’s getting harder and harder to deny), but I’m also not foolish enough to believe that only certain races can be racist, nor do I believe that the problems that do happen to some people from various races are the responsibility of everyone on “the other side.”

Not all men are sexist rapists, and not all white people are racist scumbags. They’re just not, and the quickest way to make me completely dismiss your opinion is to start saying anything that even remotely sounds like that, because, more than likely, everything that follows is inherently factually inaccurate. Now, all that being said, mondo films, for better or worse, tend to be racist as all hell.


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