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The Seed

Dir. Sam Walker (2021)

Three friends go on a getaway to an isolated compound to watch a meteor shower and promote their social media brands. An alien lands and tries to impregnate the women, possibly leading to the end of the world.


Don’t let the description of the movie fool you: it’s not that good. The film is slow, poorly acted (until near the end, when the blonde does a good job of acting like a fucking weirdo), and it’s a character drama throughout most of the flick. Unfortunately, the characters are all unlikeable and boring. The creature effects found in the film are actually pretty good, and the whole film could’ve been a really interesting exercise in body horror.

The choice to light most of the creature encounters with strobing neons, while cutting away from the more intense visuals, was a bad one. It’s frustrating throughout simply because the film did make those scenes, and they are effective and bizarre. It’s not one of those things where they’re hiding poor production value behind artistic license, either: the scenes are there, and they’re nifty and disgusting, we just don’t get to see as much as we should. The last thirty minutes or so are gory and fun, but it’s way too late to be good enough. By the time we learn what’s really going on, we don’t really care. Oh, and Charles is a terrible nickname for a girl named Charlotte. Watch this one at your peril, or if you just have a lot of time to kill and don’t want to do anything worthwhile with it.

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