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Swamp Zombies 2

Dir. Len Kabasinski (2018)

While the world is in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, a reality tv show pits humans against zombies in the ultimate survivor competition. When an activist seeks to set the zombies free, an ex-convict is introduced into the game to rescue the few survivors left.


With the passion that I have for indie film, I must admit that I’ve seen a lot of really terrible movies. Movies with bad production value, movies with terrible acting, movies where the sound varies from unhearable to blaring volume from one scene to the next. After watching so many horribly bad movies, you think movies can’t go any lower, and then a movie like Swamp Zombies 2 comes along… and TOTALLY REDEEMS ITSELF!

Always funny how the writer manages to find himself next to half-dressed women…

This one was suggested to me by Writer/Producer Newt Wallen, and it’s free on Tubi for anyone who wants to watch. It’s an incredibly interesting concept, the special effects are fantastic, and the writing is stellar. There were some fantastic camera shots that are as good as anything being done at the bigger B-level studios. And the movie is legitimately funny, which is so hard to come by in these films. Director Len Kabasinski, who also plays the lead in the film, knocks it out of the park with Swamp Zombies 2, and I’m legitimately excited to see what comes next for him.

Unlike a lot of the lower budget movies that I’ve subjected myself too, the cast is actually relatively attractive, so when they (rarely) get naked, I don’t find myself cringing away from the screen. This is a bigger compliment than you would expect if you only watch A-list movies, to be sure, but one of the best things about this movie is that those types of scenes are used sparingly and not to keep the audience’s attention because the movie sucks.

Like this sweet piece of man ass.

There were some scenes that weren’t as good as others, and there were actors whose technique could definitely use a little work, but most of the film was a hit instead of a miss and you can’t ask for much more than that from a movie of this caliber. The practical effects were excellent, but some of the CGI was noticeably not great. Some of the fight scenes went on a bit too long, and there were a couple of scenes that probably could have been left on the cutting room floor, but the parts that were good were more than good enough to compensate for any issues. The random bursts of fake commercials that interrupted the action were welcome, funny interludes, and I found myself entertained even when the action perhaps could’ve been better.

I walked into this one half expecting a shitty movie that I had to try to be as nice as I could to and wound up with a movie that I actually really enjoyed. Of all the indie movies I’ve watched, it’s got to fall right near the top of the list of ones I’ve actually enjoyed, maybe behind only Black Mountain Side (which is, to be fair, a pretty fucking good movie for an A-list production) and Axe Murdering with Hackley, though it’s probably tied with that one in enjoyment and the production is a good bit better. These filmmakers and actors clearly know what they’re doing (for the most part), and they’ve managed to make a fun, entertaining, and legitimately funny film.

Who this film is for: B-movie fans, Horror comedy fans, Fans of zombie game shows

Bottom line: Legit production value and some better-than-decent acting, I was stunned by some of the camerawork in this film and the special effects held their own throughout the entire film. Director Len Kabasinski and writer Newt Wallen knock this one out of the park, and it’s free on Tubi so there’s no reason at all not to check it out. I always support indie films, and I hate to give one a bad review, so even my honest reviews are tinged with the most kind words I can say, but that wasn’t even a consideration with this film. Loved every minute of it, highly recommended for any fans of B-movies. This is at least as good as anything Full Moon or Troma has put out.

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