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Spencer Madison (Actor, The Demons Within)

The Horror Revolution: First off, what’s your favorite horror movie? What movie scared you the most?

Spencer Madison: This is such a hard question... horror movies don't scare me like they used to as a child, and quite frankly that makes me sad. But i have distinct memories of certain movies growing up that terrified me, and because of that they are definitely some of my favorite. Here's a few that come to mind:

-Silent Hill

-Stay Alive

-Rob Zombie's Halloween (1 and 2)

-Evil Dead (2013)

THR: You play Izzy in The Demons Within, a girl who is equal possessed with both demons and a terrible home life. What sources of inspiration do you plan on drawing from for the role?

SM: I did homework on specific topics, ranging from emotional neglect of children by their parents, as well as demonic possession and the types of demons that tend to possess more than others. I also watched pretty much EVERY SINGLE type of possession movie i had access to on all my streaming platforms.

My inspiration for Izzy ranges from Evil Dead (2013) to Black Swan to even The Shining.

THR: What inspires you in your craft? How did you get started in the world of acting?

SM: I've been acting since i was very small, and I've always been incredibly inspired by cinema. Literally every movie i watch, i watch from the view point of a filmmaker or actor and i find so much inspiration and motivation whatever I'm seeing.

THR: If you could work with anyone from the industry, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

SM: Toni Collette is my no 1 dream acting and scene partner. She's so powerful, i can just imagine the intensity that we could bring together.

THR: Have you always wanted to be an actress, or was there another dream career that acting has replaced?

SM: I remember a time i wanted to be a veterinarian, but I was very young. I think I learned at some point that there was some math involved in that career choice and immediately changed my mind!!

THR: What advice do you have for people looking to get into the profession?

SM: NETWORK!! Don't be afraid to slide into the DM of that director or that actor. Make connections with anybody and everybody. Check out movie conventions, go to premieres, make your own content with your local film community. This will help you immensely.

THR: If you were given an unlimited budget and access to any Hollywood stars you wanted, what kind of film would you make?

SM: Give me a $600k-$1mil budget and I'll make the most amazing supernatural queer love anthology movie franchise. Can you tell that I've thought about this before ;)

THR: What film from history would you most like to act in, and what part would you like to play?

SM: I would have loved to be a part of Girl Interrupted. I'd probably go for Susanna Kasen but they would cast me as Lisa Rowe.

THR: What is it that draws your interest in a script? Is there anything in particular that you look for when deciding to audition for a part?

SM: Honestly, layout of the script grabs my attention before the story. If you used a script writing software and it looks like you know how to format a script, I'm sold before i get to the second page.

THR: What is a horror movie that desperately needs to be remade, and would you be the one to remake it?

SM: I don't think any horror movie needs to be remade, because I'm so terrified that Hollywood is going to butcher it. Let's just continue thinking up original ideas like Ari Aster and Jordan Peele.

THR: Do you believe in possession? Is that something that you think really happens in the real world?

SM: Yes.

THR: You have an honest to god chance to be a Scream Queen, and this industry sure does love its Scream Queens. Is there any particular inspiration from the world of horror that you hope to carry into the character, or is it all Spencer?

SM: How Izzy will be portrayed is going to completely be up to me. I know this character even better than the writer or the director. I know what she has in her pockets, i know her biggest fears, and she will be completely authentic. I draw very little inspiration for Izzy from other horror characters, because i want this to feel brand new for everybody who sees the movie.

THR: Finally, say I left you in a room with a box of animal crackers and told you that you weren’t allowed to eat any of them. How long would it be before you ate some?

SM: I wouldn't eat a single one.

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