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Noose: Book Review

Author: Brennan LaFaro

A man whose parents were murdered by a demonic outlaw travels down the long, hard road to revenge.


It’s not often I get to do book reviews, but I somehow happened to receive an email from Dark Lit Press, which specializes in publishing and promoting indie horror books, when they were plugging Brennan LaFaro’s new book Noose. I wasn’t entirely thrilled, because I’ve never been a huge fan of the western genre in either film or literature, but a job’s a job and the book needed to get read. Holy fucking shit, what a book! I could see the scenes in my mind when reading Noose, more than once imagining that it would make a fantastic western horror film. LaFaro brings his characters to life, leading us into the story of Rory Daggett, a man who has started out on his journey of revenge against a dangerous outlaw named George “Noose” Holcomb. Noose killed Rory’s parents when he was young, sparing the child and leaving him with the final bullet from his gun as a reminder of his torment. Rory, now grown, has kept this bullet, determined to use it against Noose when he is finally able to track down his notorious gang of villains.

The book is outstanding, delivering blood and gore with an emotional bullet that will stick in your mind for a while. Noose’s gang are some of the most fleshed out motley crew of villains that I’ve ever come across in a novel, though the book’s length (being more of a novella than novel) does feel a tad rushed. Believe me, though, this is a compliment, because this easily could’ve been twice as long and I would’ve remained drawn like a horse to water. LaFaro is an excellent wordsmith and has clearly done his research on the genre, because the whole book feels like an old John Wayne feature (but without all the glaring racism.) It’s a compelling piece of fiction that I could easily see optioned for a feature film or television series, and I honestly hope it gets that opportunity because I can’t wait to see what Noose looks like on-screen.

Who this book is for: Western lovers, Horror fans, Bullet hoarders

Bottom line: This one just blew me away, and I cannot recommend it enough. It’s got enough blood to satisfy horror fans and stays true enough to the western genre to draw in those devotees as well. The characters are compelling and fascinating, and though you might’ve heard a version of this story before, LaFaro tells it with such fervor and dedication that you’ll still find things to surprise you. It’s an expertly blended genre-bender that deserves a place on your shelf, and I can’t wait to read more from LaFaro and see what else Dark Lit Press has to offer.

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