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Dir. Steven Judd (2018)

A group of people awaken in a warehouse with cameras embedded in their head. They must fight to the death while trying to find a way to escape and turn the table on their captors.


Every so often you come across a film that truly belongs among the classics of the genre, that redefine what horror is, and that deserve every accolade that can be bestowed upon it by the titans of the industry. This is not that film, but it is a helluva fun watch. The gore is better than anticipated, and the plot has enough twists and turns to keep you interested, even with the lackluster acting performances and the dark cinematography that unintentionally leaves a lot in the shadows. The plot is interesting, sort of a Saw meets Big Brother, and though you’ve seen almost this exact film before, this one is executed pretty well. It’s worth a watch, and I promise you will walk away saying you’ve seen a lot worse.


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