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It doesn’t cost a lot to make a found footage movie, which has led to countless recent additions to the genre from the poorest of filmmakers. But, as we’ll see with several of the movies on this list, a small budget absolutely does not guarantee a small return. Found footage movies’ ability to put you into the action makes these some of the creepiest, scariest, and downright awesomest movies in the horror pantheon.

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be my cat: a film for anne

This movie rocked my world. It went from a movie I had never heard of to a movie I had to own in about two hours. Director Adrian Tofei did a magnificent job as both the director and lead actor, and he manages somehow to make a movie that I’m still not entirely sure isn’t real. There’s very little gore, but this movie packs a surprisingly efficient punch. The movie is about a deranged filmmaker who is desperately trying to lure Anne Hathaway into being his leading lady by making films about the ladies he can lure into being part of his movies. It’s disturbing, hyper-realistic, and obsessive, and is also, unfortunately, criminally underseen

Be My Cat: A Film for Anne

Mark Duplass is a goddamned national treasure, and it is batshit crazy that one of the best parts of Apple TV’s The Morning Show is also the disturbing lead in this film. Creep is about a man who hires a videographer to make a movie for his unborn child. It’s bare bones, and it’s fucking delightfully creepy. Something about the entire movie just feels off. It isn’t clear until the end exactly how off it actually is. Creep is an absolute must watch for all psychological horror fans.

The Poughkeepsie Tapes



In my opinion, the original V/H/S is the best of the lot, but it all depends on which shorts you prefer between the (now) four movies. To me, the strongest entry in the series is Amateur Night, the very first short in the very first movie. I also enjoyed Second Honeymoon and The Sick Thing That Happened To Emily When She Was Younger, which were also on this one, though not as strong as the opening vignette. V/H/S 2, however, was arguably as good, and I debated swapping them out. Either way, V/H/S as a series is fantastic, except for the steaming pile of shit that was Viral.

Hell House LLC
Paranormal Activity


the blair witch project

The Blair Witch Project

The movie that started it all for most found footage fans, TBWP is amazingly scary and incredibly effective. There was no scarier place in the world during that time than the woods around Burkittsville, Maryland, and many fans were surprised to see Heather Donahue, Michael Williams, and Joshua Leonard show up at the MTV Movie Awards because they were convinced that The Blair Witch Project was real. It’s incredibly effective guerrilla filmmaking, and has spawned some of the most interesting fan theories of any horror movie. Have you heard the one about how Michael and Joshua conspired to kill Heather in the woods and blame it on the witch? Cool shit.



Rec is not only the best found footage movie ever made but also, quite possibly, the best zombie and possession movie ever made too! It’s about a newscaster who is shooting a segment who stumbles into an apartment complex that is put on lockdown as the site of an outbreak of a mysterious disease, and it is absolutely incredible. If you can’t get past the subtitles, learn to read faster, because literally every horror fan should watch this movie. Like stop reading this (but please come back to it later!) and go watch this movie. Hell, if you’ve seen it before, go watch it again: it’s that good.