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Deborah Foreman (Actor, The Demons Within)

The Horror Revolution: First off, what’s your favorite horror movie? What movie scared you the most?

Deborah Foreman: Favorite horror movies are the old Hammer films starring Christopher Lee, Bela Lugosi and Peter Cushing and the movie that scared me the most was THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE. That monster behind the creepy door though.

THR: It always interests me when stars from around the horror universe do “cameo” type roles in newer productions. How did you end up becoming a part of The Demons Within?

DF: This question is easy. The director Stephanie Hensley contacted me via my website Expressed her desire for me to be apart of the team and that she was a supporter of my prior acting. I asked to read the script and highlight what my role would be. As soon as the email came in, I sat down and read it. Stephanie said the role is similar to Nurse Ratchet in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOOS NEST. I had worked with Louise Fletcher on GRIZZLY PART 2 and thought this would be a beautiful homage to her from me. So I agreed to do the film.

THR: It sounds like your role in the film is pretty terrifying, and I can’t wait to see it on film! Tell us a little about your role in the film. (Whatever you can share)

DF: You will have to stay tune and wait for the finished product, she says coyly.

THR: You’ve been in several legendary horror films with huge cult followings. What’s your favorite horror role you’ve played so far?

DF: Even though the movie is one big prank, I would have to say APRIL FOOL’S DAY. I played two ompletely different characters. I was scared and excited all the time while working in that film.

THR: What inspires you as an actress? Is there anything in particular that made you want to go into acting?

DF: I got into acting as a fluke. I was modeling and doing commercials only and was asked by my agent at WILHELMINA what do you think about acting and I said I didn’t know. So they said let’s send you out on auditions and I booked them. As I booked them I began to hone my craft. Reading acting books and going to acting class and it was then I was seeing other peoples work in commercials, tv and film. Organic and authentic acting inspired me the most.

THR: If you could work with anyone in the industry, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

DF: Good question. I will always want to work with artists that choose creativity that brings joy and inspiration onto a set, into a role and infuses everyone around them with their love of play.

THR: What film from history would be your dream film to work on?

DF: I would love to have been apart of LOTR or THE HOBBIT. Those books tickled me so as a kid reading them in high school.

THR: Do you prefer acting in horror films, or is there a genre that you prefer the most?

DF: I do not have a preference. All genres are fascinating and exciting to me to explore and play in. That is what is so much fun. AFD gave me a chance to be so many things all wrapped up in one movie. I love the art of make believe. To move and send people is such a gift to give.

THR: What is one piece of trivia about you that you would want everyone watching the film to know?

DF: I do my homework when I book a role. I research, question, write out possible scenarios and above all I LISTEN.

THR: What is it that draws you into a script? Is there anything in particular that you look for when deciding whether you want to take part in a project?

DF: Is the story interesting. THE DEMONS WITHIN is based on true events so that was something I wanted to learn about.

THR: A lot of 80’s and 90’s horror icons have a ton of fun traveling the country for conventions. Is that something that you’re interested in doing or have done in the past?

DF: This past weekend at MADMONSTER PARTY marked my 10 year anniversary doing con’s. This is my chance to say THANK YOU to each person that I meet at my table. I get to listen to their story’s on how one of my films or more have impacted their life. Thankfulness and gratitude are not big enough words to express my deep felt appreciation for the support I have received over the years. We do not get anywhere in this life alone. There are helping hands all around us guiding us, pointing us in the right direction or the direction we most need to go at that time.

THR: What is a horror movie that desperately needs to be remade, and what part would you feel you could play in the movie?

DF: Movies, in my humble opinion, do not need to be remade. How about fresh new stories from writers pulled from their own lives that no one else has experienced and then put an entertainment twist in there because after all we aim to entertain when the curtains close or end titles appear, did we entertain that person. Did we move them and grow their heart. Do they feel enriched and did they go home and talk about what they just experienced with a family member or best friend. That is how our work gets past around the globe through word of mouth by someone you moved.

THR: Finally, what’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you recently?

DF: Okay, I do have something weird that happened recently. I will not divulge his name but a very famous actor cold called me on my cell. He is a big fan of AFD and wanted to know if I would be interested in playing his Mom in three upcoming movies he will be directing. They have already made the first one. We spoke for hours about his project and my movies and his. He is ever so lovely and I will be proud to play his Mom when the time comes to make his movies. So flippin random. Ya never know, what’s around the corner and who you have impacted. Continue to live a preferred life making exciting choices that bring joy and inspiration into your life and the lives of others.


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