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Cole & Colette

Dir. Matthew Boda (2018)

After a news report about crimes in her neighborhood, a woman who is home alone is terrified that she may be next.


Wow. It’s not often that you can find a short film with such high production value and an interesting premise, not to mention such a great twist ending (though it’s not particularly hard to see coming if you’re paying attention.) Matthew Boda did a magnificent job directing this short, giving it a Hollywood feel that will translate incredibly well to a feature-length film. Harker Jones, the writer of the short, did a fantastic job of crafting a story that could absolutely fit into a larger narrative. Stars Becca Buckalew and Matt McAbee were fantastic as well, providing the necessary emotional connection and helping the audience to feel sympathetic to their plight.

While much more a thriller than a horror film, there’s so much room to move around within this concept that they could really go anywhere from here. It’s a fantastic short, one of my favorites that I’ve watched recently, and Harker told me that he has written a feature-length treatment for it as well. It’s absolutely a short that could translate to a feature, and I certainly hope that he gets his way because I’m dying to watch it! Check this one out on YouTube: it was a darling of the festival circuit when it was released, and it very much deserves the accolades it’s received.

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