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Bad CGI Gator

Dir. Danny Draven (2023)

College graduates accidentally transform an alligator in a local lake into a monstrous CGI creature.

So today we're reviewing an (on purpose) bad movie from Full Moon. It's time for Bad CGI Gator! As soon as I saw a Full Moon banner upon the title crawl, I knew it was gonna be B-grade glorious! AND, it's written by Zalman Band, son of Full Moon founder Charles Band. Charlie's a legend in the horror movie biz, and it's no wonder his kid makes something so totally stupid that it ends up being a good movie.

Well, if you haven't figured it out, Bad CGI Gator is about a bad CGI gator... in a movie. Did you even read the title of the review?! We got three couples going to a cabin in the middle of the woods, with one of the girls trying to further her career as an "influencer" on social media. In no time at all, the film tells you that she's vegan, hates fur and fossil fuels, and thinks that smoking is bad for you. Whatever... fuck off. The film makes you hate her because she's obnoxious. But she wants the "likes," so why not gather friends to throw dangerous electronics into their local pond to accidentally create a mutated gator?

The biggest complaint I've seen on IMDb is the dialogue. Did you think they wrote "brah" and "babe" into the script by accident? Nope! You gotta remember that this is Charlie Band's kid writing this! Without giving too much away, I'll also say that the gator knocking on the front door of the cabin is a major highlight of the movie.

It's a full Moon film. It's only a little over an hour long, because that's how they do stuff at Full Moon now. But, as usual, it is entertaining, and so stupid it's funny. I legit kinda wanna watch-party this one now, and if I take a shot every time they say "bruh," I'll be drunk within the first five minutes! And, honestly, that's how we should treat most bad film. Watch 'em with friends. Let loose for a bit. This movie is for sure one of those kinda films.

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