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Attack of the 50 Foot Camgirl

Dir. Jim Wynorski (2022)

One of the hottest and most popular “influencers” in the world makes a product with some unfortunate side effects. When her bitter rival


A camgirl/influencer has an entire catalogue of products that she brands and sells through social media. However, she wants to be more: a fulltime philanthropist. Her goals for philanthropy are to end world hunger, and she starts to do so by hiring scientists to create self-replicating food product that will save the world, and she wants to do it without harming even the insects that die due to veganism.

However, it has unintended side effects, which she discovers after eating her new Unholy Meatrimony hot dog: namely, she grows to enormous size. When her business partner/husband and his mistress plot to take down her empire, she uses her size (and her assets) to wreak revenge.

Jim Wynorski has fallen mightily from his Chopping Mall days, but he still knows what it takes to make an entertaining film. Attack of the 50 Foot Camgirl is dumb, cheap, and exactly what it sounds like, and if you’re a fan of Full moon movies, you’ll probably be a fan of this one too.

The runtime is just over an hour, so it’s easy to digest, it’s funny at times (most notably the two male scientists), and the acting is as hammy and terrible as it should be for a film like this. The miniature work is great, making the lead into a big blonde Godzilla, and the CGI is just as trashy as you would expect from a film like this. There’s actually surprisingly little T&A for a movie about a camgirl, or at least there’s very little nudity. If you come looking for a movie filled with tits, you’re not going to walk away happy. If you’re coming for the entertainment value inherent in modern Full Moon films, you’re going to get exactly what you came for. Just don’t expect anything near as good as the Full Moon films from yesteryear.

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