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A Stranger Calls From Beyond The Crimson Room

Dir. Ama Lea (2022)

A young woman in black gloves is stalked by a killer. But who is the most dangerous person in the room?


With the detached audio and scratchy video effects, Ama Lea manages to create a Giallo-inspired period piece that doesn’t feel like it’s possible. How can someone create a movie with a four minute runtime that feels like a Argento/Bava mashup? How is it possible to craft such a decadently beautiful short film for under $500?

Honestly, more Gialli would be better if they were framed like this. In four minutes, it’s not possible to meander as much as these films often do. We get a quick, brutal kill, a subversion of our expectations, and a black-gloved killer… in four fucking minutes! Ama Lea is good at what she does, and this film is all the evidence you need. She’s got an eye for style in a way that few directors have, and you can tell that she loves the genre as much as the rest of us.

The world needs more of what this film brings to the table. It contains an appreciation of Giallo that actually requires knowledge of the genre, up to and including the dubbed audio that’s always super noticeable in these types of films. It’s got that sleek, sexy vibe that so many Giallo try to attain, and by the time the blood is dried on the straight razor we are sad to see the film come to an end. It’s one of those films that you feel like you could make yourself, and then if you try you end up with a jumbled mess. It takes a keen eye and some serious chops to produce a film that makes you feel the way that this one does, with not a frame to spare. It’s beautiful, spellbinding, and a humblingly well-made film. Even the title leaves nothing to be desired.

Who this movie is for: Short film fans, Indie horror lovers, People who want to watch a Giallo while their food microwaves

Bottom line: Wow, color me impressed. Short films can be so hit or miss, and usually quality is in the eye of the beholder. In four minutes, for under $500, Ama Lea shows us the absolute best that a short film can be. Inspired by one of the most controversial and love-or-hate subgenres of horror, this is one that is not to be missed. It’s available on YouTube for God’s sake, go check it out!

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